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Kristel Oreto 

Kristel is a traveling tattoo artist who is nostalgic for a past, optimistic for the future and views the world through rose colored glasses. Kristel grew up with the dream to become the Lisa Frank of the international tattoo industry. This dream is coming to fruition with the publication of her coloring books and IOS app. Kristel is known for her friendly personality, positive self image, and eagerness to take on difficult cover up projects. Her style of large fully saturated tattoos consisting of bright colors with bold lines is referred to as new school. Pleasing every client is deeply important to her, due to this each piece is drawn on an individual basis. Kristel’s art comes from a vivid imagination. Allow her creative power to run wild with your ideas or give her a challenge of covering up an existing tattoo. In either case you are guaranteed a unique piece of personal art you will be sure to love. Kristel is available by appointment only in Philadelphia or in multiple tattoo expos across the USA.

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 translating ideas into images that speak louder than words ever could.