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​​​​Please read in full before contacting Kristel.
The more creative freedom you allow Kristel to have the more her imagination is able to flourish. This will result in a more impressive tattoo. Kristel often tattoos under similar circumstances. When more creative freedom is given she is able to envision more imaginative scenarios to make your tattoo a closer reflection of your persona or story. Think of a child’s story book.You or your loved one would be represented by what animal Kristel can take this small piece of information along with a photo of the person and make a beautiful work of art that reflects these aspects. Small details like nose shape, freckles, scars, glasses, favorite hat, mustache or beard can give this animal the personality your trying to reflect in your tattoo.  All of the tattoos you see in Kristel’s portfolio come from her heart and soul. Kristel gives you an  intimate part of herself in this process. She cannot give you 100% unless you allow her to express herself. Please remember this is a creative process which entails a transfer of energy between artist and patron.  Taking all this into consideration, asking Kristel personal questions may interrupt the appointment or spoil the creative process.  Kristel has become a very private person Similar to most, Kristel prefers to keep her private and professional life separate other than what she shares on social media. Kristel is grateful for each patron and admirer. However, she does not spend time with clients outside of the studio or expo. Lastly, Kristel asks that you respect her and her wishes as she paints your vision transferred through her imagination.
All deposits are nonrefundable. 
- DEPOSITS ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE between conventions and studios 
- If Kristel has to cancel for ANY REASON, including weather or personal,

your deposit  will be honored for one year and  appointment will be re-booked
- $200 Deposit is required (5 hours or more is a $500 deposit)
- NO APPOINTMENTS ARE BOOKED WITHOUT receiving a deposit via paypal
- Deposit comes out of the total price
- If multiple  sessions then deposit is deducted from last session
- All canceled appointments, no shows or tardiness of 30 minutes or more  lose their deposit
 Payments :
-Studio - Cash or Credit (no AmEx and  a 5% fee is charged for use of credit card)
Conventions - CASH ONLY
-No drawings are seen until day of your appointment and any changes can be made then in person
-Most Cover ups will be drawn on in person with sharpie so the old tattoo can be utilized while making the existing tattoo disappear
Kristel WILL WORK WITH YOU and YOUR BUDGET as much as possible
Conventions/Guest Spots: $400 minimum   
Ceremony Tattoo Society: $200 minimum
ALL Tattoos are flat rate working with your budget and space allotted
Tattoos that are larger than normal and require multiple sessions are $200 hour
Studio and Tattoo Expo Rules :
- NO children 
- Must have valid state photo ID
- Only the client is allowed in the tattooing area
- There is no waiting area so please do not bring others to hang out
Touch-Ups and Aftercare
- Touch ups: small areas of the tattoo that didn't heal well 
   (if you have another upcoming tattoo or appointment you will be touched up then)
- 2 months or older you will be charged for the touch up
- Conventions : a fee of $100 will be charged due to limited time
- Touch ups due to Antibiotics or lack of proper aftercare will be charged to rework the tattoo
- An aftercare sheet will be provided to you during your appointment.
Things that you need to be aware of that WILL effect your tattoo:
- Tan, mixed skin tone or dark skin tone: the ink may change color and texture once healed
- Topical Numbing Agents : tend to cause difficulty in healing
- Chemotherapy and Antibiotics : these fight off foreign objects in the body, Tattoo ink is one      of these objects
- Diabetes and blood thinners 
- Sun burn and Serious or Chronic Acne :
   tattoo ink will not take to outbreak or infected areas
- Stretch marks, Weight loss, Weight loss Surgery (gastric bypass or lapband) :
    causing the area of skin to be untattooable

Agreement to Terms ***** By sending email through this form for appointment requests, I agree that I have read all information above and agree to it, including the NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT AND AFTERCARE! 

 translating ideas into images that speak louder than words ever could.