Top 10 things to know About Cover-Ups & Re-Works
I can save or rework pretty much anything but there are a few things you need to know and understand about how things work. 
1. Cover-ups & reworks ARE NOT CHEAP! 
2. In order to assist you I need 2 clear photos of existing tattoo, with good lighting, with someone else taking the photo of the tattoo with client standing up straight, getting the whole tattoo & area of the body in photo. Then a photo close up of just the tattoo. This allows me to get an idea on sizing & able to draw on top of the photo on my ipad.
3. Cover-ups need to be 3-4 times larger than existing tattoo. I need to utilize the empty space around existing tattoo to help with the cover-up. To balance out the darkness of the cover-up with light using the empty skin. Creating what I call a “ying yang effect”. Your out of balance & I need to balance you back out. 
4. Rich colors such as purples, blues, greens, reds and browns work best for cover ups. NO WHITES, YELLOWS OR ORANGES
5. I charge by the piece FLAT RATE not hourly. 
6. Sometimes they take a little longer to heal & may need a touch up. You will know with in the first month if it’s needed. Touch ups are done with in the first 3 months of receiving the tattoo.
7. You are limited to choices of what may be used to cover the old tattoo. Sorry I wish I could start from the beginning to give you all that you want but it’s a cover-up. Tattoo styles such as photo realism/3-d/portraits, watercolor, flags, mandalas/geometric/tribal , or items that contain the colors using yellow, white or orange. A sun isn’t going to cover a black blob. 
8. 80% of the time the new tattoo will need to be hand drawn on with sharpies, I utilize the old lines to make the new lines. So a stencil won’t always work. 
9. If the old tattoo is still showing after new tattoo this is NOT a cover-up it’s a camouflage or blast over. The whole point of a cover up is no longer see the old tattoo. 
10. Do NOT look at your existing tattoo as a cover-up when thinking of an idea, think of 10 things or styles of tattoos or even reference photos of tattoos that you like, hobbies or things you enjoy in life. I call this the “grocery list” it’s my job to created and imagine the cover up. So let me use your “grocery list” & go shopping for ideas. 

If you have a cover-up or re-work feel free to send it over just click "make appointment above"
Please include photo, Philly or Expo (include which one), budget, grocery list or ideas & any reference photos.
I look forward to ALL projects!
I love saving old tattoos & doing cover-ups!