I work flat rate by the piece NOT hourly


Most pieces are booked with an online consultation via email so no information is lost and details are synced to google calendar.

I do in person consultations every

WEDNESDAY noon-9pm

other days I am working on clients with booked appointments, its not fair to take away from their appointment. If you stop in I will still need all your project details emailed to me.

Get a Quote:

Please fill out form on "make appointment" tab. Once all details about your project are received I can better assist you on pricing. Quotes are good for 1 yr. whenever your ready to make your appointment just email back from the same email thread. 

Traveling to Dallas: 

If you are flying in, please forward a copy of your receipt for your flight. I will take the flight off your balance (up to $300) on any large scale tattoo.

Ask for more information when booking. 


$105 minimum 

cash or credit (must have chip)

Studio Deposit: 

$150 or $300 (depending on size)

this comes off the balance 

cash or credit (must have chip) at studio

or paypal to


$400 minimum 

Cash or venmo for balance

Expo Deposit:

$200 or $400 (depends on size)

venmo or paypal