Tattoo Aftercare:

- Remove seran wrap with in 2 hours after appointment

- Wash firmly with bandana, warm water and anti-bacterial soap

- Apply HOT compress with bandana then rinse tattoo with COLD water

- Pat dry with clean towel

- Before bed wash again and seran wrap

   (repeat step above for 3 nights)

- Remove seran wrap in morning, wash firmly with anti-bacterial soap, warm water and bandana making sure all plasma (slime) is removed then pat dry

(repeat step above after removing

seran wrap each morning)

- 48 hours after appointment start to apply a small amount of Ocean Foam, rubbing fully into skin after washing your tattoo. 


- Repeat 3-4 times daily until fully healed.

- Tattoos may get swollen , red and may be sore. This is normal.

- DO NOT LISTEN to friends, co-workers or the internet. 

- Any concerns EMAIL ME!

- Taking antibiotics can permanently damage the skin. Antibiotics fight off anything foreign in your body, this includes tattoo pigment. It will forced out the ink damaging the skin like a stretch mark.