Top 10 things to know about Cover-ups

I can save or rework pretty much anything but there are a few things you need to know and understand about how things work. Remember this is NOT fresh skin you will be limited on what will work and what won't.

1. Cover-ups & reworks ARE NOT CHEAP! 
2. In order to assist you I need 2 clear photos of existing tattoo, good lighting, someone else taking the photo of the tattoo standing up straight, whole tattoo & area of the body in photo. 2nd photo close up of just the tattoo. This allows me to get an idea on sizing & able to draw on top of the photo on my ipad.
3. Cover-ups need to be 3-4 times larger than existing tattoo. Utilizing empty space around tattoo to help with the cover-up. balancing out darkness of the cover-up with light using the empty skin. Creating what I call a “ying yang effect”. Your out of balance & I need to balance you back out. 
4. Rich colors like purples, blues, greens, reds and browns work best. NO WHITES, YELLOWS OR ORANGES
5. I charge by the piece FLAT RATE not hourly. Coverups/reworks welcome at studio & expos.
6. Sometimes they take a little longer to heal & may need a touch up. You will know with in the first month. Touch ups are done with in the first 3 months of receiving the tattoo.
7. You are limited to choices of what may be used to cover the old tattoo. Sorry I wish I could start from the beginning to give you all that you want but it’s a cover-up. Tattoo styles such as photo realism/3-d/portraits, watercolor, flags, mandalas/geometric/tribal just wont work. A sun isn’t going to cover a black blob. 
8. 80% of the time the new tattoo will need to be hand drawn on with sharpies, I utilize the old lines to make the new lines. So a stencil won’t always work. 
9. If the old tattoo is still showing after new tattoo this is NOT a cover-up it’s a camouflage or blast over. The whole point of a cover up is no longer see the old tattoo. 
10. Do NOT look at your existing tattoo as a cover-up when thinking of an idea, think of 10 things or styles of tattoos or even reference photos of tattoos that you like, hobbies or things you enjoy in life. I call this the “grocery list” let me do the idea shopping with your list.

You are welcome to send over your tattoo project just click "make appointment" here on my website I can advise you of all of your options.