Frequently Asked Questions:
[▪️]  Where do you work? Now and Forever Tattoo in Fishtown/East Kensington Philly PA
[▪️]  How can I make an appointment? 
click "make appointment" here on my website
[▪️]  Can I do you or why won’t you answer my dm?I do not discuss tattoo projects in the dm where project and client info can get lost
[▪️]  Do you take Walk-ins? No
[▪️]  Can I see the drawing prior to appointment? No, I custom draw on every tattoo to fit the body day of appointment any changes can be made in person.
[▪️]  What inks do you use? @eternalink 
[▪️]  What kind of machine do you use? @mikepike & @sobaone from @workhorseirons 
[▪️]  Do you use numbing cream? Yes, “nothing” cream and liquid from @aftercareh2ocean 
[▪️] When do your books open? Books NEVER close
[▪️] How far in advance do you book out? 3-4 months in advance
[▪️]  What is your hourly rate? I don’t charge hourly, charge by the piece, tattoo extremely fast
[▪️] Will you tattoo someone else’s art? Only flash
[▪️] Will you finish, coverup or rework someone else’s work? Absolutely 
[▪️] What’s your minimum? $600
[▪️] Do you do expos or travel? No I’m retired from working on the road only attend expos for fun 
[▪️] If I have questions about pricing or my project how do I contact you? click "make appointment" here on my website