I view the world through rose colored glasses. I love street art, flowers, cute animals, and pop culture--but also enjoy the darker side of things. Started tattooing in 2000 in Tampa, Florida after a 2 yr apprenticeship (before social media was thing). I relocated to the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia in 2011. After traveling the world doing 1-3 tattoo expos a month for 15 years I decided to Open Now and Forever Tattoo in 2020. A studio focused on staffing Lady, Trans, Queer and Non-binary artists. As a proud mom of a queer son and a trans son. Creating this safe space for artists and clients is extremely important to me. 
I am known for bright, colorful, and fully saturated tattoos with bold lines, and have an eagerness to take on difficult cover up projects. Let my vivid imagination run wild with your ideas or give me a challenge of covering up an existing tattoo. Cute or creepy, in either case you are guaranteed a unique piece of personal art you will be sure to love that comes from my heart and soul to help you move forward into a new chapter of life.  [🖤]  Follow me on Instagram or Facebook - Kristeloreto & Tiktok - Kristel.oreto